KO8 Academy Certification // Online
KO8 Academy Certification // Online
KO8 Academy Certification // Online
KO8 Academy Certification // Online
KO8 Academy Certification // Online
KO8 Academy Certification // Online
KO8 Academy Certification // Online

KO8 Academy Certification // Online

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Benefit from the ultimate KO8 training experience by learning from KO8 Academy Founders, Kieran Owens & Sean Clancy as they take you through everything there is to know on the fundamentals of the KO8 System.

You will also receive an officially recognised KO8 Qualification on successful completion of this online certification!



We listened to the feedback of KO8 customers from all over the world, and put together an online platform where you can learn all about our KO8 Functional. movement System which includes our 8 Fundamental Movement patterns, and how to apply them with your clients or to your own training!
  • Would you like to improve your SQUAT and HINGE technique?
  • Do you need help with MOBILITY techniques for the HIPS, SHOULDERS and other problem areas that suffer from poor RANGE OF MOTION?
  • Would you like ALL of your clients to perform the PERFECT PUSH UP no matter what their age or ability level?
  • Do you find it hard to program exercises for different clients who range from absolute BEGINNERS to ATHLETES?
  • Would you like to improve your MOVEMENT COMPETENCY so that you can separate yourself from average coach?
  • Do you want to know how to build a STRONG CORE that functions perfectly through ROTATION and STABILITY?



Allow KO8 Academy founders, Kieran & Sean, to take you on an exciting journey to become a better coach TODAY! We have brought to you a digital versional of our internationally recognised KO8 Functional Movement Certification containing 35 high-quality videos that will break down our fundamental exercises with coaching points, common mistakes, progressions and regressions to suit each individual client. We didn’t want to leave any guess work with these movement patterns, so we have included multiple camera angles and slow motion footage so you truly understand how to execute each technique properly!



Using our unique and perfectly portable KO8 suspension & resistance trainer, now you can learn, practice and coach wherever you go. Learn on demand in your own time and when it suits your schedule. 


Why do we train? We have many different reasons and motivations. For some, we train to get fitter and stronger for a particular sport or activity. For others, training may be the fastest route to feeling healthier or achieving a desired aesthetic look. For some people, we train to rehabilitate past injuries or to restore mobility after years of incorrect postures that have lead to weaknesses in our bodies. At this moment in time there has never been so many options in the fitness industry and it can often be difficult to know which way to turn. We welcome you to experience the evolution in functional movement using, what we call, The KO8 System.


1. Receive a unique online training experience that takes you through the new and innovative KO8 Functional Movement System. This exclusive KO8-specific training isn’t available through any other training provider in the world. You will develop a new skillset along with the underpinning knowledge that you can apply with your clients, giving you an advantage over other trainers.

2. You will receive a lifetime affiliate discount of 15% on all and any KO8 products after completion of your KO8 Certification.

3. You will be awarded 10 REPs CPD points on completion of the assessment, which will fulfil the REPs annual requirement whenever you are required to register CPD points as a fitness professional. 

4. You will receive an invitation to the KO8 Affiliate Coach Club, which is the private social media group that is exclusively for the qualified KO8 instructors. Here you can network, share ideas, share workouts, join the coach webinars and communicate with Kieran & Sean.

5. You have the option to be added to the “KO8 Certified Instructor Directory”. This online database will display your working locations and contact details to give you enhanced visibility, and drive new potential clients toward you so you can grow your business.

6. You will have the opportunity to be invited to private KO8 Instructor Training, where you will be trained to conduct and deliver KO8 Certifications on behalf of The KO8 Academy in different parts of the world. 

7. Another added bonus of being one of our KO8 Academy Trainers, is that you can also earn money with our Refersion affiliate package. By giving your clients and followers your unique promo code they will receive a discounted rate on all our products. You will then receive a commission on each and every sale that someone makes using your code. Sign up here - https://ko8.refersion.com

8. You will have Unlimited access to course materials (no expiration date) and also be first to be invited into the Phase 2 KO8 Performance upon completion.



If you are a freelance personal trainer, sports coach, health professional or KO8 enthusiast, then this certification is for you. The certification targets individuals who are looking to improve their knowledge, develop their skills, and experience exactly why functional exercise is the most popular and rapidly growing segment in the fitness industry. 

We have so many questions that come in as we try to help break down the barriers that a lot of coaches face. We often receive messages such as:

- "I'm spending so much money on paying rent to a gym facility so that I can train my clients."

- "I don't own much equipment so I'm finding it hard to keep my sessions fresh and exciting for my clients. I'm struggling to find an alternative other than having to spend hundreds of pounds on equipment."

- "As a freelance PT I'm sick and tired of having to carry all of this heavy equipment to each and every one of my sessions."

We have been there ourselves and experienced these problems first hand. This is why we have made it our mission to provide coaches with a solution that is tried, tested and trusted! The KO8 is the most versatile and portable product on the market, so you don't have to worry about being restricted when it comes to exercise programming, and it only weighs 1.7kg! With this online version of our Live event certifications, you are also receiving in-depth coach education that you can apply immediately with your clients. Take a look below to learn about what you can expect.



We explore the fundamentals of KO8 suspension & resistance exercise by creating a learning-on-demand environment that is fun, exciting and informative.
Our goal is to help you understand how you can enhance your own movement intelligence and transfer that to your clients. We have broken down the sections of the certification to guide you towards working on movements, rather than muscle groups. Improving the movement competency of your clients will not only reduce their risk of injury, but will teach them the fundamentals of functional exercise which can be applied in everyday life. Other examples of what we cover include:


- Injury prevention techniques which will build a robust body and get your clients moving with less pain and more fluidity.

- How to effectively test & retest client mobility through various joint ranges.
- Advanced bodyweight training techniques to develop muscle building and strength development.

- Owning the transverse plane and learning a catalogue of 3Dimensional movement exercises with correct form and technique including all progressions & regressions.

- Joint stabilisation techniques to help address pain & prevent injury during explosive exercise or sport.

- How to understand plyometric training, the stretch-shortening cycle and how to optimise athletic performance tuning.

- Understanding correct exercise selection and how to adapt exercises to make training appropriate for all ages an experience levels. 



We have created the fastest and most convenient way to become an official KO8 Coach by allowing you to study, practice and be assessed remotely wherever you are in the world. We even provide you with access to our KO8 Academy Facebook group for support as you make your way through the certification. Here you will be able to connect with other like-minded coaches who are on a similar journey to you.  You can ask questions, share tips and also contact Kieran & Sean who will be picking up your questions and comments to help guide you through the process. 


- Understanding of the 8 pillars of the KO8 System.

- How to coach a series of exercises from each KO8 functional movement pattern.

- Understanding how to execute correct form demos.

- How to identify signs of disfunction and improper form.

- How to cue your clients appropriately and use correct coaching tips.

- Provides full progression and regression options for all exercises so you can work with a client of any age or ability level.

     Our passion is to optimise human strength, movement and mobility through fun and creative exercise that will ultimately improve our quality of life! We invite you to become part of an illustrious group of trainers equipped with the unique KO8 knowledge and skills to maximise your coaching potential and your client's results! The KO8 will prove to be the most efficient, portable and versatile system you have ever used, enabling you to train your clients one-to-one, in a group exercise class or even implementing it into your own training regime. Join us for this very informative and enjoyable training experience filled with creativity, fun and new training inspiration!