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Train Online with KO8 Founder Kieran Owens & Academy Director Sean Clancy for  the fastest and most convenient way to become an official KO8 Trainer
The certification targets exercise professionals looking to improve their knowledge, develop their skills, and experience exactly why functional exercise is the most popular and rapidly growing segment in the fitness industry. We explore the latest and most innovative method of functional suspension & resistance exercise by creating a learning environment that is fun, exciting and informative.

Our goal is to help you understand how you can enhance your own movement intelligence and transfer that to your clients. the experience of your clients and all by using one piece of equipment. No need to worry about buying tons of equipment to keep things fresh for your clients and no need to py

Are you spending a lot of money paying rent to a gym facility 
are you spending a lot of money on buying more and more equipment to keep you sessions fresh 
Are you sick and tired of having to carry and transport all of your heavy equipment to all of your sessions?

If you are a freelance personal trainer, sports coach or health professional this certification is for you. We have broken down the sections of the certification to guide you into working on movements rather than muscle groups. Improving the movement competency of your clients will not only reduce their risk of injury but will teach them the fundamentals of what can be applied in everyday life. with , plus what you’ll learn in these courses, and provide a common system and language where all best practices can live. You’ll explore field-tested course material that will give you an edge in your profession.

Course features:

  • Understanding of the 8 pillars of the KO8 System
  • How to coach a series of exercises from each functional movement pattern, with correct form demos, how to identify signs of disfunction and improper form, how to cue and coach to bring and full progression and regression
  • How to optimize movement skill learning and transfer it to sport and life
  • Unlimited access to course materials (no expiration date)
  • Ability to jump into the Phase 2 Performance Mentorship upon completion
  • REPs Approved 

 Our passion is to optimise human strength, movement and mobility through fun and creative exercise that will ultimately improve our quality of life!