Suspension / Resistance Bands

The versatility of the KO8’s Suspension/Resistance Bands mean that you can attach them to virtually any solid structure and mimic most human and animalistic movements to create a varied and efficient training program. The purpose of exercise is extremely diverse depending on the individual and that’s where the KO8’s shine.

Whether you are wanting to build explosive speed and power for sports specific training like football or boxing, or to simply burn calories and gain muscle. With the adjustable handles you can attach them around your shoulders for explosive sprints or bear crawls.

Or wrap the straps around your hands or ankles for striking drills. As you get stronger you can simply attach more bands to make the session harder. Once back to bodyweight you will have more speed, power and agility to apply to your given sport.

With the addition of the suspension trainer we open up a completely different world of movements that now focus on the stability muscles, core strength and plyometrics. Giving you an efficient variety of training possibilities no matter where you are!